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Ford 2300 & 2000

Race Engineering is the leader in high performance & race engine parts for the 2300 Ford motor found in Pintos, Merkurs, Mustangs and Rangers.  

MMA Championship Belt for the 2014 season champion is sponsored by Race Engineering. Good Luck guys.

FOLLOWER UPDATE:  Our new coated follower is now in stock and offers the following improvements:  No wear pad to come loose, improved lubricity reduces power-robbing friction, quieter valve train and great wear characteristics.  Item #FD-148

Billet Lightweight Auxilliary Shaft
 is now in stock.  We've included a coated retaining plate to help prevent wear issues common to billet shafts.

Race Engineering builds a 2300 short block for Circle Track Magazine

Parts specific to an engine displacement (combination) are listed below by engine size.  Items that fit most engine sizes are shown below that.