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2500cc Stroker

2500cc Stroker
2500cc STROKERS.......
Components specific to 2500cc motors are listed in this section. Parts that work with multiple sized engines (heads, cams, etc.) are listed on the previous page. 

Race Engineering offers components to successfully build a stroker.  We use 5.700" rods on normally aspirated applications and up to a 5.600" on turbo applications for proper rod ratio.  Parts are available in standard and lightweight versions.  We even offer bearing inserts to install a 2.5 into an early large journal block to for additional weight savings.  Tech support is always available.

To price a stroker kit, select from the components below add to the cart using lower kit prices.  We suggest starting with the crankshaft and use the related components listed at the bottom.  Add rings and bearings from the general categories listed on the previous page.  Add the lower 'kit price' to the shopping cart.

New 27# small main crankshaft available...that's 10-11 lbs lighter than stock

New 30# large main crankshaft available...that's 8 lbs lighter than stock

Need tech help?  Email: sales@raceeng.com or call 800.741.5250