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Engine Kits

We list several popular listed kits in the engine displacement section 
(click here).  Then click on the size motor you wish to assemble; these are located in the top 2 rows.

We can custom assemble kits for you and there are many technical considerations, such as rod length, pound-per-cc rules, cost considerations (most cost-effective selection of components) and more.  If you email us for a quote, please advise as to the desired displacement and track size.  Some idea of budget will help also.  
If you want to go it alone, here is a guide below as to how we list components.

We have too many combinations to list.  There are many piston, ring, rod and crank options available.  To make your kit, start with the crank size you need (stroke) and use the related parts shown below that crank to select pistons, rods, bearings, rings, etc.  Kit prices are listed with each item selected.  Items are properly segregated in the same section mentioned at the top of this page (follow the blue link).

You can also search the piston numbers shown in the search box without the vendor prefix using the guide below.  Note Wiseco part numbers preceed these with 'WI-', CP Pistons with 'CB-' (i.e. WI-K120 ,WI-R159, CB-R160).  Pistons starting with 'R' are usually stroker and ultralights.

R120, K120....... stock stroke and 5.200 rods
R157, K157....... stock stroke and 5.700 rods
R160 ...............  stock stroke-5.840" rod, 2500 stroke-5.700" rods
R159 ..............   stock stroke-5.930" rod, 2600 (3.460")-5.765" rods,
                        2700-5.700" rods, 2850 and 5.600" rods
PS3810 ...........  same as R159 but with ARCA heads

For tech, you can call 800.741.5250, 561.533.5500 or email: sales@raceeng.com

Kits ordered online will be checked for accuracy, parts match and performance.  You will be notified of any discrepancies, missing items or suggested changes prior to shipping.

TECH NOTE: When choosing rod length for stock strokes, longer tracks like longer rods, shorter tracks like shorter rods.  Our strokers already have maxed out lengths.  Light pistons and thinner metric rings improve any assembly.  

Don't see what you need?  Most items can be special ordered or shipped from the manufacturer to save time. 

Certain pistons and connecting rods must be custom made.
We have over 25 years of experience with this.

For assistance, call 561-533-5500 during normal business hours.
Email: sales@raceeng.com

Qualified technical support is available.