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Connecting Rods

Connecting Rods

Confused on rod length?  We have posted a  rod length guide on how to pick the proper length for your 2300 series engine.  

FORGED RODS are available in several brands.  Forgings by Crower come in 5.200" stock and 5.700" length.   Our RACE ENGINEERING PRO-ROD (by Manley) is typically lighter and comes in lengths from 5.700 to 5.930". The Race Engineering series includes machined beamsl to reduce weight and stress risers. 

ULTRALIGHT BILLETS are available in Crower Maxi-Light series, both stock and 5.7" lengths.  Carrillo Super-A beams are extremely light and include chamfered side beams for reduced windage.  These are available in 5.700 x 2.000" and 5.930 "with 2.000" and Honda journal sizes.

RACE ENGINEERING SUPERLIGHT H-BEAM rods come in 5.700" in 2.000" and Honda journal sizes.  Our new 5.840  rod is perfect on longer tracks.  Not as light as the Carrillo or Crower, they are sportsman priced and offer great value.  The 5.7" rod is strong enough for our 2.7 strokers.

BRAND NEW:  We now offer a new ultralight 5.200" stock length rod at a great price.  At least 100g lighter than the other guy's "ultralight".