Shipping & Returns

* ONLY International & Express Shipping -Please Read:  Due to fluctuating shipping rates, we cannot process your actual shipping charges at this time. You will receive an email from us, no later than the next business day, with a firm shipping quote.  If you approve the charges, kindly reply to our email. You must also include the 3 digit code on the back of the credit card you used to make this purchase.  This will signify your acceptance of shipping charges, which will be a separate credit card transaction.  If you do not approve, please advise and we will void your order.  Your card will NOT be charged. 

How to Save on Duties:  Race Engineering cannot and will not undervalue invoices.  However, some countries have lower rates for certain values. For example, they could charge 10% for orders under $1000.00 USD and 15% for orders exceeding $1000.00.  We can legally split your orders into 2 shipments, but it may not justify 2 shipping charges.  Please check your local regulations.